February 08, 2024

Los Angeles, U.S.

Streaver at the ATD TK 2024


Streaver ventured into the heart of learning technologies at ATD TechKnowledge 2024. It was a whirlwind of inspiring sessions, innovative approaches, and valuable connections. But surprisingly, a recurring theme emerged: many organizations are still early in their AI adoption journey, offering a unique vantage point for those of us further along.

ATD TechKnowledge delivered a vibrant exploration of how technology is revolutionizing talent and learning development. From cutting-edge tools to emerging trends, we gained insights to apply back at Streaver and for our clients. The emphasis on practical takeaways resonates with our approach; knowledge should translate into action.

The AI Paradox

As an engineer, I went in expecting the tech world to be abuzz with widespread AI integration – a "which tool" rather than "should we" discussion. While I encountered pockets of advanced implementation, the broader landscape told a different story. Many professionals are just starting to explore AI's potential, offering a fascinating opportunity for those of us using these tools daily.


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