CMG Impact

February 06, 2024

Atlanta, U.S.

Streaver at the CMG Impact 2024


Streaver recently had the privilege of attending CMG Impact 2024, a leading conference exploring digital transformation, enterprise IT, and infrastructure. We left inspired by the invaluable insights on performance, leadership, and the ever-evolving technology landscape. Here's a deep dive into the key takeaways and how they can shape your own organization's success.

Performance as a Guiding Star

CMG Impact's central theme of performance resonated deeply with Streaver. In the ever-changing tech world, optimizing performance – of systems, teams, and processes – is essential for staying ahead of the curve. Speakers skillfully tackled this from various angles, and we gained valuable perspectives.

Embrace Change, Drive Innovation

Walt Carter's session, "We Can't Stay Here," was a highlight. While the title initially sparked a bit of good-natured confusion, it ultimately underscored the importance of continuous adaptation within organizations. Walt's analogies and references to the Model for Managing Complex Change were powerful reminders to embrace change as a catalyst for innovation.

Proactive Resilience through Chaos Engineering

Rajesh Radhakrishnan's presentation on "Chaos Engineering & Performance Testing" challenged conventional postmortem approaches. By reframing them as proactive tools for preventing outages, he offered a new framework for building more resilient systems. This aligns with Streaver's emphasis on reliability and minimizing disruptions for clients.

The Ethics of AI

Venkat Balabhadrapatruni and Gashaw Tsegaye offered a thought-provoking session on AI ethics. Their interactive approach sparked important discussions on ensuring AI is developed and used responsibly. This resonates with Streaver's commitment to technology as a force for good.

Simplicity, Not Oversimplification

Steven Thomas's focus on balancing mainframe cost simplification was insightful. His mantra, "As simple as possible, but not simpler," is a guiding principle for any technical project. This echoes Streaver's focus on finding the right balance between elegant solutions and addressing real-world complexity.

The Evolving AI Landscape

Prashant Kelker's "Structuring the Frontier" shed light on the world beyond cloud computing. His exploration of how Data Platforms, Software Platforms, and Cloud Platforms will interact in the age of AI is incredibly relevant for Streaver as we chart our future growth.

And There's More!

While we couldn't catch every session, we're excited to delve into the work of other presenters like Nate Lee and Filipe Oliveira.


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