June 26, 2023

Toronto, Canada.

Streaver at the Collision Conf 2023


Picture this: over 36,000 tech enthusiasts, investors, and innovators from 140+ countries descend upon Toronto for a whirlwind of cutting-edge ideas, game-changing connections, and a glimpse into the future. This was Collision Conf 2023, and Streaver proudly took its place amidst the buzzing energy. As a first-timer at this renowned tech gathering, we were on a mission to learn, connect, and share our own story.

Key Takeaways

  • AI's Dominance: Artificial intelligence wasn't just a trend at Collision, it was the driving force shaping conversations across industries. From streamlining healthcare delivery to revolutionizing content creation, AI was everywhere. Streaver's expertise aligns perfectly with this shift, allowing us to develop solutions at the forefront of technology.
  • The Human Element: While futuristic tech stole the spotlight, a recurring theme emerged: The importance of keeping humanity at the center of innovation. This echoes Streaver's core values, where we prioritize ethical AI implementation and user-centric design.
  • The Rise of Web3: Talks on decentralized technologies, blockchain, and the future of the internet were in abundance. This aligns with Streaver's focus on staying ahead of the tech curve, exploring new solutions that empower our clients.

Networking Highlights

Collision provided invaluable opportunities to connect with a diverse range of players in the tech sphere. Here are some of our highlights:

  • Meeting [Company X] Pioneers: We had the chance to engage with pioneers from [Company X], a leader in [their field]. Their insights into [specific area] fueled valuable discussions for our team.
  • Connecting with Startups: We connected with several exciting startups pushing the boundaries of innovation. These interactions sparked potential collaboration ideas for the future.
  • Expanding our Vision: Conversations with investors and thought leaders offered fresh perspectives on the global tech landscape, helping us refine Streaver's growth strategy.

Beyond the Sessions

Collision was as much about the moments between sessions as the keynotes themselves. From impromptu coffee chats to exploring Toronto's vibrant tech scene, we left feeling inspired and energized.

Collision 2023: A Success for Streaver

Collision Conf solidified our belief that Streaver is on the right track. Our commitment to innovative solutions, ethical practices, and human-centered tech resonates with the future of the industry. We returned with broadened horizons, fresh ideas, and a strengthened determination to make our mark on the world stage.


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