February 21, 2024

Oakland, U.S.

Streaver at the DeveloperWeek 2024


Imagine a vibrant gathering of over 8,000 passionate developers, engineers, and tech leaders from across the globe – that's DeveloperWeek! Every year, this massive event descends on San Francisco and the virtual world, offering a whirlwind of cutting-edge tech, hands-on workshops, and invaluable industry connections. If you're in software development, this is where the magic happens.

What is DeveloperWeek?

Think of it as a tech extravaganza with several layers:

  • The Conference: Immerse yourself in keynotes, talks, and panels exploring the latest in VR, AI, blockchain, microservices, and more. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned pro, there's something to level up your skills.
  • Hackathon: Put your coding chops to the test in a team setting, collaborating on innovative solutions.
  • Hiring Expo: Network with top companies seeking the best talent – this could be your career springboard.
  • DevExec World: For tech leaders, this track offers strategy roundtables and exclusive networking events.

Why Should You Care (Even If You Can't Go)?

DeveloperWeek sets the pulse for the year ahead in technology. Companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft showcase their newest products and directions. If you work in tech, even attending virtually gives you insights into where the industry is heading.

A Personal Twist

Surprise! I wasn't planning on DeveloperWeek this year, but thanks to DevNetwork, I'm packing my bags for San Francisco! Alongside exploring the latest tech, I'm excited to share my experience addressing scaling challenges with nearshore development (like Streaver offers). In the age of AI, finding skilled engineers quickly is crucial, and I'm eager to connect with others navigating this landscape.

Join the Buzz

I'll be sharing updates, insights, and of course, a few snapshots with my trusty Uruguayan mate in hand! Even if you're not there in person, follow along to get a taste of DeveloperWeek's energy. Who knows, maybe I'll inspire you to snag a ticket next year!


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