March 11, 2024

Orlando, U.S.

Streaver at the HIMSS 2024


Streaver recently wrapped up an inspiring experience at the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition. This massive event is a vibrant convergence of healthcare innovators, technology leaders, and passionate individuals all working to transform the future of health. While AI, cutting-edge solutions, and the latest tech advancements dominated the discussions, the most powerful moments were those that reminded us of the human element that drives it all.

HIMSS: A Snapshot

For those new to it, HIMSS is where the healthcare and technology sectors intersect. It's a whirlwind of keynotes, panel discussions, and exhibitions showcasing the latest advancements shaping the way we deliver care. As a software development company with a focus on health and edtech, Streaver is always eager to see how innovation can improve patient outcomes and the experience of healthcare professionals.

Tech with a Purpose

HIMSS 2024 shone a spotlight on the vast potential of AI in healthcare. From streamlining diagnostics to optimizing treatment plans, AI is poised to revolutionize care delivery. Yet, it was the emphasis on ethical implementation and patient-centric design that resonated deeply with Streaver's approach. Building tech without heart is meaningless.

A Moment of Inspiration

One of my personal highlights was the chance to hear Keller Rinaudo Clifton, CEO of Zipline, speak. His story of using drones to improve access to medical supplies is a powerful example of technology as a force for good. But it was witnessing his raw passion and dedication that truly moved me. His journey serves as a reminder that even amidst groundbreaking tech, it's the human spirit – the drive to make a difference – that's the ultimate catalyst.

Streaver's Commitment

At Streaver, we understand that technology is merely a tool; it's the human element that gives it meaning. Our work is guided by a genuine desire to develop solutions that not only innovate, but also improve lives. HIMSS 2024 reinforced why we do what we do and left us energized to keep building technologies that truly serve a greater purpose.



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