IT Builders

May 27, 2023

Montevideo, Uruguay.

Streaver at the IT Builders 2023


IT Builders Live is where the pulse of Uruguay's tech scene beats loudest. This year, Streaver joined the vibrant crowd of developers, innovators, and industry leaders to share ideas, forge connections, and celebrate the thriving tech ecosystem we're proud to be part of. With thought-provoking sessions, lively networking opportunities, and a palpable buzz of innovation, the event reinforced why we believe Uruguayan talent is a force to be reckoned with.

Key Themes & Takeaways

  • AI on the Rise: The potential of artificial intelligence in reshaping various sectors was a major focus. From driving efficiencies in healthcare to transforming creative industries, AI's influence is growing rapidly. At Streaver, we're actively exploring AI applications that deliver tangible benefits for our clients.
  • Cybersecurity Spotlight: Discussions on strengthening cybersecurity practices were abundant, underscoring the importance of safeguarding data in the digital era. This reinforces Streaver's ongoing commitment to secure development methodologies and ensuring our clients' data is protected.
  • Talent in Focus: IT Builders Live highlighted the wealth of tech expertise within Uruguay. Building a strong team of skilled engineers is one of Streaver's core strengths, and this event gave us even greater confidence in our talent pool.

Networking & Learning

At the heart of IT Builders Live was the opportunity to connect with the Uruguayan tech community. Here's where we found the most value:

  • Sharing with Peers: Engaging with fellow developers and tech leaders offered a chance to learn about challenges faced across various projects. This shared knowledge helps Streaver continuously improve our development processes.
  • Meeting Future Talent: IT Builders attracted bright minds from Uruguayan universities. It's always exciting to meet tomorrow's tech stars and identify potential new team members for Streaver.
  • Strengthening our Community: Events like this solidify the sense of collaboration within Uruguay's tech sector. Being part of this supportive environment fuels creativity and growth for everyone involved.

The Spirit of IT Builders

Beyond the insightful sessions and valuable connections, IT Builders Live embodies the collaborative and forward-thinking attitude that makes the Uruguayan tech scene so special. We were proud to represent Streaver amongst this community of innovators.

IT Builders 2023: A Boost for Streaver

We left the event energized and inspired, equipped with fresh perspectives and valuable connections. IT Builders Live reinforced our drive to keep pushing boundaries with our custom software solutions, and reaffirmed our belief in the power of Uruguayan talent to shape the global tech landscape.


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