Custom Web Development medicare contracting Platform

Propelicy is a back-office web application built especially for the medicare field, conceived to simplify the contracting process between Brokers and Agencies with carriers and products.

Our work since the beginning has been to maintain and build new functionalities in the existing Ruby On Rails API and start the creation of a new API version. Along with the new API version, a brand new client-side application has also been started. Currently, we are working on the next generation of the client-side, denominated v2. This iteration of the application is being built in Nuxt.JS along with TailwindCSS. We are currently developing this app based on mockups the team's designer provides while at the same time keeping the legacy app 100% functional.

Our responsibilities in the project are tightly tied to the whole development process. We are helping with the automation of the development cycle, with the CI/CD pipeline, with the project management side by collaborating on story grooming and sprint plannings, and last but not least, ensuring the product increment is delivered alongside each sprint.

Keywords: Ruby, Rails, NuxtJS, VueJs, TailwindCSS, ActiveJob, CI/CD, Heroku, Bugsnag, Redis, AWS