Custom Web Development for largest Golf Tee Time Platform

The initial challenge was to rewrite the whole app, migrating it to an entire API-driven approach, supplying a set of 5 client-side apps while at the same time rebuilding and adding new functionalities to the new website we started from scratch on React.js.

The initial stages were driven by an MVP fashion, where defining scope, timeline, and two weeks implementation cycles ruled. Maintaining up-to-date inventory, scalability, performance, and traceability are everyday challenges.

Features we built include Loyalty Program, Membership Program, Gift Cards integrations, and countless enhancements to the Price Alerts system, search engine, endpoints, and legacy apps.

We incorporated a CI/CD pipeline to the multiple environments, automated tests on both the backend and frontend, multi-builds with customized components on demand, major libraries upgrades, multiple 3rd-parties integrations, dozens of background jobs.

Keywords: React.js, Ruby, Rails, CI/CD, Redis, Sidekiq, AWS, HoneyBadger, NewRelic