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Open Source (OSS)

Our position towards OSS

Our philosophy on regards to technology is driven by Open Source projects we believe and deposit our confidence on. We are always looking for helping as well as contributing to the creation of new tools that will help the community get better and better over time.

Staying sharp

Our mission is to provide our best service to our customers. To be competent and warrantee it, we know that we need to evolve at the same pace technology does. Working on OSS gives us the ability to understand the technology we use in-depth and embrace our hard skills while also leveling up the whole community.

Our main Contributions

Vue JS Official Doc

node-js-logo Our goal was to help with the translation of the official Vue documentation from English to Spanish. We onboarded on a trip to help non-English speaking people learn VueJs without language restriction. The result is [This lovely Spanish documentation]

Our main Creations

Vue Preferences

ruby-rails-logos Defined as "The coolest and easiest way to manage your user's preferences on the client-side with your preferred storage.". We created it with the intention of storing some app's states on the client side.
Some use cases would be to set theme color, users' default, hidden elements (after user opted-in), table sorting, etc.
Read more at [Repo - Vue Preferences]

Libertadores CLI

node-js-logo As an Uruguayan company that we are, soccer is pretty sticky to our culture. For this reason, we decided to create a CLI tool to get updated results on the most famous Latinoamerican championship (Libertadores Championship) with the excuse of learning how to create CLI tools in a modern way with Javascript.
Read more at [Repo - Libertadores CLI]


node-js-logo It's a web extension built in Vue js that helps organize the remote daily meetings on a scrum basis. The goal behind the scenes is to make remote calls easier, more fluent, and productive without the overhead of thinking about that.
Read more at [Repo - WhosNext]

Supercharged Storage

node-js-logo It is a library that allows developers to handle data expirations, scopes on stored data, default values, and other few things on the browser. It is build to make persisting data on the browser's storage in a simple and more controllable way.
Read more at [Repo - Supercharged Storage]


ruby-rails-logos A library we made to have headers and redirects easily handled on our official website. We decided to make our solution public for anyone else facing the same situation. It allows us to better manage the different stages of our applications while deploying without doing crazy things on the setup side of it.
Read more at [Repo - RedHead]

Sharing Our Knowledge

We also enjoy helping others by writing juicy blog posts on our site. We are continually delivering new posts on various topics. You can check the full list on our blog.

Highlighted Posts

Building a web extension with Vue at speed of light.

The step-by-step tutorial for creating web extensions with Vue from scratch. The guide drives you from the basics of a web extension to the construction of a working extension built using VueJs.
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React Adaptive Hooks and APIs for Adaptability

React Adaptive Hooks leverage APIs for adaptability provided by browsers, those APIs are tools to keep in mind when building user experiences. Let's explore when you should be using those APIs to build great user experiences.
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Pull Request previews for Open Source libraries with Netlify

When authoring OSS libraries testing is essential, unit tests are a good start, but you also want to make sure it works on a real app, let's setup pull request preview apps with Netlify!
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How to test web extensions?

Testing is really important for us, this post exposes the possible approaches for testing them with Jest and Puppeteer.
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Translating Vue: "Why internationalizing documentation actually matters?"

Imagine you were not born in an English speaking country, or you didn't have the chance to learn it, what would have happened to your tech career? Would you even be in tech right now?
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Building awesome CLIs with JavaScript and Oclif

As a software engineer we use many different kinds of CLIs, and it feels so good when it is intuitive and friendly. In this post we explore how they can be build for many purposes by using Javascript.
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Full-stack Web Development

Web development is our strength. We've been focusing during the last few years on modern frameworks such as Rails, Node, Vue & React. Technologies evolve fast thus we love evolving with them and being able to work with your stack of technologies.

Holistic Engineering solutions

We are always willing to bring the best solution to the table. We don't conform with just a working solution, we target quality.

Agile Methodologies

Making our clients processes better is always around in our heads. We know and trust on agile methodologies and adapt to our clients processes while at the same time invest on improving them. We make goals reachable.

Open Source

Our job is also our passion. We do love being part of the community and giving back as much as we can. We are actively participating in regional meet-ups as well as doing open source contributions worldwide. Check some of our contributions at our GitHub.

MVPs & Trials

Still looking for the team that fits best? Please reach out if you are planning to start an MVP or want a trial before choosing us.


We do more than custom development. We care about the infrastructure behind it and the deployment process involved. We can automate the integration & delivery (CI/CD) of your system to optimize the operation of your existing environment.

Custom Training

We love teaching new technologies and helping teams reach their maximum potential. We have plenty of experience developing workshops and guides for multiple tech stacks. We do the hard part, we research and digest the available material to make it fit your needs.

What does the universe say about us?

Streaver is an outstanding group of hard working, loyal, dedicated and experienced professionals. Their development expertise is top of class and their commitment to deliver the best product possible is unwavering. The team has become part of our Supreme Golf family and we look forward to working with them for years to come.

Jonathan Wride, CEO, Supreme Golf

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