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Streaver's 2021 Recap

A great year ends, a year where we grew, learned, improved, and challenged ourselves. It is not easy to continually improve yourself, but at Streaver, we do it. Our secret: never conform, go a step further, trust our team and work together. How do we achieve all this? Today we will tell you.

We grew…

This year our team grew 50%, we incorporated new people who have contributed to our challenges. They made our team even better and taught us new learnings, so we grew in number and quality.

There were other significant changes: we moved to a new and modern office last month. The place is more comfortable, spacious, has natural lighting, and is located in a calm environment in Parque Batlle’s center.

We improved…

According to Clutch, we are in the top fifty of Uruguay's B2B leaders. Thanks to all the effort and hard work of our team, we reached position 43. And that's not all; we got our third consecutive five stars review. One of our primary goals is to build long-term relationships with our clients and satisfy them. So their reviews are absolutely meaningful to us.

We also improved our social media strategy. We began to show our organization, our strengths and share our culture with the online community. We renewed our visual identity as well, but we will tell you more about this later.

We strive to improve ourselves, and as a development partner with our clients, we also love enhancing their processes, pipelines, infrastructure, tech stacks, and almost anything where we see room for improvement, and we know how to help. In this opportunity, we reduced CI costs by 50% in one of our teams while also speeding it up to twice the original time. At the same time, we reached the point where all the projects we work with have full CI/CD automation—making our dev experiences smoother, spending our time on what matters the most, delivering product increment, and excellent solutions.

We learned…

We attended an important conference in the United States: The world’s largest gathering of Ruby enthusiasts, practitioners, and companies. We got to know people of many different backgrounds and skills, we learned a clear understanding of what Ruby 3.1 will bring, and we kept great memories.

We not only learned from others, but we also shared our knowledge. Our CTO participated in a meetup organized by Github, where he presented what being a CTO looks like and how he became the CTO he currently is.

We challenged ourselves…

For us, a year is not a good year without new challenges. That is why we seek new challenges every day, and we are looking forward to many more to come.

And the most crucial thing…

We share moments, have fun, and always work as a team. Streaver is ready for 2022.

Thanks for joining us and following our growth.

Happy New Year to all of you!

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