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We exist to lead organizations
to technological success.

Why Choose Us
We make the difference.
We cultivate a deep understanding of technology, not just the ability to code. This allows us to provide truly innovative and transformative solutions.
We embrace the ever-evolving landscape of technology, fearlessly adapting to bring the best solutions to the table.
We're not just a vendor, but an extension of our clients, working together to achieve shared goals.
The success of our clients is what fuels us. We go beyond delivering custom software solutions driving impactful outcomes.
Our North Star
Become the leading provider of top-tier software development solutions by employing a world-class team of experts.
We focus on providing expert services that will bring the most value to our clients.
Awards & Recognitions
Our work has been repeatedly recognized by top platforms that have acknowledged and verified our work.
Meet Our Founders
Fabián Larrañaga, CEO
Larry is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Streaver, known for his great ability to context-switching. Also, a passionate runner and challenge seeker. He connects global tech communities through meetups, fostering innovation and collaboration in software development and beyond.

He's the driving force behind "Larry's Pod," a podcast exploring tech trends, and the founder of Dam, an AI-powered assistant for managing high-performing teams.
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Federico Kauffman, CTO
Fede, the CTO of Streaver, is driven by curiosity and a passion for learning and teaching. He is known for his imaginative out-of-the-box thinking and multilinguistic skills. A true nerd at heart.

His innovative approach and deep technical expertise makes him an invaluable leader, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in technology and inspiring the team with his determination and wisdom.
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