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Data-driven AI platform helps auto dealers thrive


An integrated data-driven AI platform assisting prime and non-prime auto dealers in the acquisition, disposition, and financial management of inventory and loan portfolio.

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Data Management

As the lifeblood of their business, the first difficulty was to effectively manage the vast amount of critical information involved in their operations.

Data security

The integrity and safety of data is paramount. There was a need to ensure that their data-driven AI management practices were robust, reliable, and compliant with industry standards.

Internal Operations

To provide excellent service and maintain efficiency, they needed a finely tuned and streamlined operational system, including enhanced process automation.


To achieve the highest standards of software development, data security and ensure data integrity we initiated a significant transformation:

Data Platform Enhancement

We recognized the limitations of the outdated technology and prioritized upgrading the data-driven AI platform. This replatform was essential to guarantee data security and integrity and scalability.

Automated Deployment Processes

We introduced a comprehensive end-to-end automation of the deployment process. This automation not only made operations more efficient but also bolstered the system's dependability.

Driving Operations for Excellence

We developed a user-friendly and functional platform for auto dealerships, allowing them to harness the full potential of the available data. This step empowered dealerships to make informed decisions and provide better customer service.

Digitalization and Process Automation

We focused on digitalization and automation of internal processes. Resulting in time optimization and acceleration of the loan approval processes. Our efforts unified data sources and standardized processes, enabling seamless access to information and improving overall efficiency.

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Process & Workflow

We meticulously analyzed the client's existing data management protocols and operational practices. This comprehensive evaluation enabled us to design and implement a tailored data-driven approach that seamlessly integrated and improved the client's day-to-day operations.

Technical Challenges

During the project, the challenge was integrating complex data structures while maintaining the security and integrity of the system. Additionally, the implementation of automation tools required careful synchronization with existing processes to ensure a smooth transition and minimize disruptions.


Highlighted by our client as one of the most valuable contributions was to achieve, for the first time in the firm’s history, a SOC-2 Type 2 Certification. This was an auditing procedure that ensured our client securely manages data protecting the interests of their clients and the privacy of all users involved.

Additionally, we provided a fourfold acceleration in loan processing speed. We established a deployment process automation and enhanced operational stability. We digitalized data and managed to successfully unified the database, eliminating information silos.

The combination of these strategic actions not only resolved the challenges but also contributed to position our client as a leader in the industry with a secure, efficient, and agile, software development data-driven platform that empowers auto dealerships to provide exceptional financial services to their customers.

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Initially, the tech stack comprised a primary Groovy application with satellite microservices crafted using various Python frameworks, and it relied on fundamental AWS services such as EC2 and S3. The databases were self-hosted versions of PostgreSQL, and RabbitMQ served as a self-hosted messaging solution.

Given the importance of data, our first recommendation was to migrate the databases to an AWS-managed service like RDS. We successfully transitioned all databases from self-hosted to AWS-managed, which improved the client’s reliability significantly.

Subsequently, we started a lengthy process of migrating from a single AWS account to multiple AWS accounts to improve access policies and isolation.

Parallel to this, we started migrating the apps to more mainstream languages and frameworks like Python/FastAPI and Typescript/NextJS to improve the ability to hire great talent and maintain the systems. This included a process and writing a complete end-to-end test suite for all systems, including automatic deployments, automatic vulnerability checking, automatic backups, and many more industry-leading practices.


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Executive Engineer

Leading Auto Fintech Firm

They take intrinsic pride in their work and in being good partners, which is unusual in my experience. Automating a lengthy manual process, the software Streaver is developing represents a significant advanced in the finance field. Their ability to work independently is coupled with a consistent pattern of overdelivering on requirements and deadlines. They are a hardworking, ethical partner.
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