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Strengthening Tech Ecosystem for a Prestigious Association


A century-old American giant, this renowned organization unites over 96,000 professionals, shaping iconic constructions and upholding the highest standards for the built environment.

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The non-profit faced a significant strategic challenge that called for major adjustments within the organization’s tech infrastructure and the reallocation of engineering resources in very short amount of time.

The organization depended on essential virtual products for its operations that required continuous support. These products had been historically developed by separate teams, each following different decision-making processes, resulting in varying protocols, web architectural designs, and diverse tech stacks.

Additionally, we were put into the test to allocate an single engineering team that was capable of assuming responsibility for all these products, effectively consolidating support and software development efforts.

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We took an agile approach to address the immediate software development needs, enhancing work processes, strengthening cybersecurity, and optimizing infrastructure.

We were entrusted with full ownership and by using our expertise we leverage the demands of the different projects in a self-organized way. We promptly started to attend production-burning fires, manage deployments, offer support and develop new features. Furthermore, we began to integrate our solutions with other tools and stakeholders to ensure a fruitful work environment.

Collaborating with the Director of Operations, we devised a plan to gradually optimize various instances. Some application servers were downsized and others were completely removed. This streamlined approach led to a remarkable 48% reduction in operational costs, improved the efficiency for our client’s platform, and an overall infrastructure optimization.

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Process & Workflow

Collaboratively with the client, we defined the working method and streamlined all efforts efficiently. Agile principles, including regular retrospective meetings and feedback loops, were implemented.

Technical Challenges

Overcoming a fragmented software development tech ecosystem and managing a minor team to support multiple products presented significant challenges. Security concerns and outdated technology stacks were vital issues.


The Non-profit giant experienced substantial infrastructure optimization resulting in significant cost savings, boosted operational efficiency, and gained trust in our expertise. We successfully decommissioned 34 instances and optimized 13 servers, resulting in annual savings exceeding $25,000 dollars.

Our Agile approach encompassed software development and involved server patching, framework and library upgrades, and access regulation. We adjusted access permissions, eliminated deprecated versions, and focused on cybersecurity.


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Director of Operations

Thanks to Streaver, all of the client's products are working 24/7 without any hindrance. The service provider is highly reliable and goes above and beyond to actualize the client's ambitions. Their skillfulness, openness, and problem-solving skills are key elements of their work.
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