Prisma Case Study
Revolutionizing education:
an immersive online learning platform for kids.
Prisma is a pioneering virtual school from the United States which seeks that children can learn, collaborate and thrive in an immersive online world.
Learning Reimagined: 

Strategies for Building Effective and Engaging Online Education
The COVID-19 pandemic brought many challenges to the world of Education, forcing educators to adapt quickly to remote teaching. Prisma, a visionary virtual school, realized that platforms like Zoom and Google Suite needed to be better suited for children's learning experiences.
How Platform Features Can Disrupt Children's Learning:
Conventional designs do not allow children to engage or promote peer interaction.
Multiple platforms create a confusing experience.
The experience was not personalized to meet each child's individual needs.
So, they decided to create a customized and interactive virtual environment specifically designed for kids to learn and collaborate, just like in physical classrooms.

With this ambitious goal in mind, Prisma's president approached us to
help bring their vision to life.
Our tailor-made learning platform
A State-of-the-Art Solution
Our team worked closely with Prisma to develop a cutting-edge solution that caters to the unique needs of children and educators. The result was an immersive online learning platform seamlessly connecting interactive environments, supporting engagement through real-time video and collaborative features.
All-in-One Platform for Teaching and Learning
No more juggling between Zoom, YouTube, Google Docs, and Google Slides. Our platform consolidates all the content and tools educators need in one place, optimizing their workflow and streamlining the teaching process.
Engaging, Dynamic Lessons
We've transformed static lessons into interactive experiences that seamlessly alternate layouts and elements, keeping students engaged and eager to learn. Interactive features include polls, videos, embedded websites, and more. Students can interact with their peers and teachers using chat and emoji reactions, while customizable avatars allow them to express their personalities and individualities.
Better Breakout Rooms
Our innovative breakout rooms enable educators to observe without disturbing children. Through an observer mode, educators could listen to what was happening in the classrooms without the need to enter and disrupt the students' dynamics. All instructions and materials are available in each room, ensuring a smooth learning experience.
Helping Educators with a Powerful Editor
Our platform features a robust real-time collaborative editor that allows educators to design live learning experiences that are both engaging and fun. The editor featured many capabilities of the Notion editor and Google Slides, allowing lessons to be divided into chapters and educators to add scripts to guide their teaching.
Tech stack
We developed a comprehensive strategy that addressed each challenge head-on.
Our team developed and maintained a sophisticated platform utilizing cutting-edge tech stack to deliver high-quality digital solutions. We leveraged Next.js with TypeScript for agile and efficient frontend development.

TailwindCSS ensured our designs were not only beautiful but also highly maintainable, while Framer Motion brought them to life with stunning animations. We managed state efficiently with Recoil, ensured robust testing with Jest, and handled error logging with Sentry.

Our backend ran on Heroku with Redis, providing fast and efficient caching, and Hasura for GraphQL. Document editing was powered by Slate and Yjs for real-time collaboration. We used Rollup and Storybook for component development, and Viteshot for snapshot testing.

Docker and AWS supported our scalable microservices architecture, and the Vonage API (OpenTok.js) facilitated seamless communication capabilities like audio and video for the classes within our platform.This combination of technologies allowed us to create scalable, versatile, and efficient solutions, perfectly suited to meet our clients’ needs.
The immersive online learning platform we developed for Prisma provides an intuitive, interactive environment that fosters learning and growth. It is a delightful experience for kids and powerful for teachers.
”Prisma LIVE helps ensure that I am focused on facilitating the best possible workshop for my learners. Everything we need for the session is in one place, and I no longer juggle eight different windows at once!”
”Prisma LIVE is cool! It makes learning a lot more fun and interesting than Zoom.”
Alain Chuard
Owner, Prisma
”Overall, Streaver has done a great job at building the whole platform within record time. They’re not only great engineers to work with, but they also know the technical challenges really well, so we’ve been super pleased. Our work with them has been smooth and efficient.”
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