Propelicy Case Study
Transforming Medicare Contracting:
a custom broker management software.
Propelicy is a back-office web application designed to simplify the contracting process between Brokers, Agencies, Carriers, and Products in the Medicare field in United States.

Overcoming the data management challenge in the medicare field.
The Challenge: Drowning in Paperwork
The Medicare Advantage market in the US is enormous, with more than 
800 insurance carriers relying on independent brokers and agencies to sell their products.

Field marketing organizations (FMOs) help manage this network, which has become a $350 billion industry. However, collecting data flow between FMOs, downlines, and carriers has been challenging (with more than 2.3 million annual contracts processed), leading to a time-consuming manual and error-prone process.
Propelicy: A Vision for a Streamlined Future
Propelicy is a platform that integrates all process phases into a single platform for FMOs. The platform streamlines every step, from lead generation to enrollment and ongoing management. Manual processes are eliminated, reducing the risk of errors. FMOs can access and manage all their data in one place with real-time updates and automated workflows.

Propelicy recognized the need for a multitenant version with a more user-friendly interface. However, with their internal restructuring underway, they required a new partner.
Our Approach: Collaborative Expertise
Our company stepped in to collaborate closely with Propelicy to develop a custom software solution that met their needs while providing proper maintenance for their existing application.
Tailored Solutions for Enhancing the Platform
To help Propelicy achieve its goals, we provided an expert software engineer who offered comprehensive front-end and back-end development services.
The expert worked closely with the rest of the team to maintain and improve their existing API, raise a new API version, and develop a next-generation client-side application using modern web development technologies.

We also supported Propelicy in automating its development cycle, managing its deployment pipeline, and contributing to project management through recurrent refinements, planning, reviews, and retrospectives. Our work included UI testing, developing new features, defining the platform's architecture, and integrating it with external services. We also added error-tracing tools to ensure the platform operated seamlessly and efficiently.
Tech stack
We developed a comprehensive strategy that addressed each challenge head-on.
Our team developed and maintained a sophisticated platform utilizing cutting-edge tech stack to deliver high-quality digital solutions. We leveraged Next.js with TypeScript for agile and efficient frontend development.

TailwindCSS ensured our designs were not only beautiful but also highly maintainable, while Framer Motion brought them to life with stunning animations. We managed state efficiently with Recoil, ensured robust testing with Jest, and handled error logging with Sentry.

Our backend ran on Heroku with Redis, providing fast and efficient caching, and Hasura for GraphQL. Document editing was powered by Slate and Yjs for real-time collaboration. We used Rollup and Storybook for component development, and Viteshot for snapshot testing.

Docker and AWS supported our scalable microservices architecture, and the Vonage API (OpenTok.js) facilitated seamless communication capabilities like audio and video for the classes within our platform.This combination of technologies allowed us to create scalable, versatile, and efficient solutions, perfectly suited to meet our clients’ needs.
Our contributions resulted in increased work speed and the successful attainment of targets, showcasing the effectiveness of our approach and the value of our knowledge. This success highlights our commitment to delivering exceptional results and our ability to work collaboratively with clients to achieve shared goals.
Garrett Cooper
CEO Propelicy
”The team is highly talented. When they joined us, our working speed dramatically increased — they successfully replaced a former team, and we consider them to be all-star power hitters.”
Manuel Barros Reyes
CTO Propelicy
”Streaver was vital in helping us ship faster by augmenting our team when we needed it the most, and we sent countless lines of code to the production together. Fabian is the person you want on your team when you need the best technical and communication skills combined. Not something you encounter every day. The group and culture that Fabian and Federico have managed to create around Streaver in such a short period is impressive. Working with them has been a true delight.”
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