Streaver's 2019 in review

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December 23, 2019

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  • Christmas and a New Year are coming, is there a better time to make a pause and review the achievements of the 2019?

    Streaver's 2019 in review

    2019 has been a great year for Streaver, thinking in retrospective is always great, it makes us better and also allows us to bring together all the great things we have achieved, impacting our clients and our team’s DNA.

    We opened our doors in March this year. Since then, one of the biggest goals has been to always leave a fingerprint on whatever we do. We are a software company that doesn’t conform by just giving “human-development-power”, we strive to always go a step further. We love doing our job and we also love doing transcendent tasks that add value in different ways. This is what you should expect in this 5 minutes summary, hopefully, it inspires you in some way for the upcoming 2020.

    Going a step further

    On our daily basis, we contribute and work sprint by sprint on new features to enhance our clients’ businesses but we do also love contributing to extracurricular tasks. This 2019, we can say we had successfully upgraded a legacy app from rails 4.2.7 to rails 5.x.x, we also upgraded the same project from ruby 2.3 to 2.5.x and brought dozens of other gems to newer versions. We proposed, boosted and implemented a new development workflow that aligns with a new automated flow we designed which helped engineers’s day to day tasks to be easier to carry on and focus on what matters the most. We also configured the existing infrastructure to allow automated deployments without human intervention and brought a great bot into the repositories (Dependabot, a now, OSS tool) to help us keep the codebase always up to date continuously and effortlessly. Last but not least, we also made the tickets’ transition automatic. This was really helpful since allowed us to remove focus from the tickets state handling and more on the code itself.

    Continuously Developing Our Skills

    When it comes to making our team more experienced and in the best shape possible, investment is mandatory. In March, we started by attending the VueConf at Tampa, Florida. Our team went prepared for it, we didn't just attend to the conference but also presented two lightning talks which, unfortunately, didn’t make it to the stage. We also attended a meetup hosted in St Petersburg by Github where we learned how to better use the new Github apps and actions. Moreover, we participated on two local conferences, the Punta Tech Meetup and the Cuti Business Forum.

    Part of our team joined the journey on the VueJs translation team to help in the translation of the official documentation to the Spanish version. This in particular filled our heart of emotions, language shouldn’t be a barrier for anyone to learn something new. We successfully helped on the release of the Spanish documentation, you can see the results at

    We also wrote six posts (that can be found on our blog), co-organized the 12 JS meetups organized this year and created a couple of OSS libraries. On one hand, a CLI tool for teaching purposes to show how to work with Oclif to build CLI tools with JS. On the other hand, a plugin for the Vue ecosystem (big shout out here, we did it to the Official VueJS newsletter, you can subscribe if you want). We also wrote a tutorial and a sample project to get started with Web extensions written on Vue.

    At The Office

    Talking about “breaking changes”, and crazy things at the office, we had a lot of great things too. We moved to a new office in the Pocitos neighborhood, 1 block away from the WTC. We decorated it with mostly handmade creations, which look great -at least from our perspective -. We did a picture art, grew a plant and managed to keep two acquired plants alive and looking beautiful. We also started doing office workouts (just a few push-ups, squats and whatever comes to our minds in a 5 minutes break).

    Streaver's meeting room in 2019

    Definitely, this has been a great year for us and we just wanted to share a summary of it with you. If you are still reading, we want to thank you if you have been part of it and would love to hear from you if you think Streaver is a good fit for you as a company or as an employer. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 🥂