June 17, 2024

Toronto, Canada.

Streaver at the Collision 2024


Get ready Toronto, Streaver is back for Collision 2024! After a thrilling debut last year, we're hitting the tech stage once again, this time with an extra dose of homegrown energy. As a newly established 'local' with our recently launched Streaver Canada entity, we're gearing up to make an even bigger impact on the vibrant Toronto tech scene and beyond.

Streaver at Collision: Going Bigger & Bolder

This year, we're amplifying our presence at Collision. As an ALPHA sponsor, we'll be making connections, sharing our story, and diving into the groundbreaking conversations shaping the future of tech. But the highlight of our experience will undoubtedly be the Collision Pitch Contest – where we'll be showcasing our revolutionary AI-powered team management solution, DAM.

DAM: The Future of Team Building

DAM is our answer to a fundamental challenge for scaling organizations: optimizing team composition for maximum performance. Powered by AI, DAM revolutionizes team formation by analyzing skillsets, personalities, and past performance data. We're excited to unveil DAM on the Collision stage and let the world see how we're transforming the way teams are built.

Local Roots, Global Horizons

Our expansion into Canada marks a milestone in Streaver's growth journey. With a home base in Toronto, we're tapping into the rich talent pool and innovative spirit of this tech hub. Collision 2024 gives us the perfect platform to solidify our presence as a key player in the Canadian tech ecosystem.

Join the Streaver Journey

Whether you're a startup founder, tech enthusiast, potential investor, or just looking to connect, we invite you to join us at Collision 2024. Look for the Streaver booth to discover the power of DAM, explore potential collaborations, and be part of our exciting growth story.


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